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Peter Gabriel and Album Art

I stumbled on this quote by Peter Gabriel today: “I’ve always loved artwork and album art. I think it’s been a huge part of what people identify and feel about the music and the records. I used to love gatefold sleeves… when you would sit with a new record and open it up it was just a precious moment. Now we’ve gone into this digital world a lot of that has been lost.”

I feel exactly the same way. I went to a Borders the other day and I couldn’t believe how slim the once massive CD collection is. The world is going to have to stop making CD’s to get me to switch all digital. I would prefer the physical album every time. The art and the tangible product is part of the fun of experiencing an album. The only exception would be with a band only having a couple good songs, but the rest album is crap lame. Then buying an MP3 or two can be worth it.

In closing, the more I listen to Peter Gabriel my mind is blown. I would love to meet him someday, even better work with him on something.


Wesly CD Release Party Report!

Saturday May 8th, I played one of the most fun shows I have ever had the pleasure of rocking. The only thing that could have made my CD release party any better would have been…

I can’t think of a bloody thing! Thank you for everyone that helped make it happen, and to all of you awesome people that showed up! Here is the run down of the show: The night before the show my wife and I start the process of transforming an office conference room into a rock venue. The day of show the room conversion continues and I must say it turned into a pretty awesome venue. The acoustics were better than most of the venues I have played out in town! Thanks to Jer he who is Core and Doba for rocking!

Getting ready to blow minds

Next – the band had a pretty good rehearsal, which was necessary since I added a tweaked up version of Sabbaths Iron Man tune to the set last second. It had to be done with Iron Man 2 coming out the day before. Then people started showing up for the show at 7:30, but like most rock icons we made everybody wait at least 35 minutes before starting. I think it was funny that the phrase most stated by people showing up to the show was “you didn’t tell me there was going to be stairs!” We gave out tickets for the prizes, people got their drinks, and we got to the good business of melting faces. I gave out a prize almost after every song we played, and they got better and better as the night went on: Ninja Action Figures, some wierd Dinosaur head on a stick, Water Ball Sling, Box of Krispy Kremes, Wesly t-shirts, AC/DC Iron Man 2 CD with poster,$10 cash, Two movie tickets,and finally I gave away my first electric bass as the big giveaway. It was freaking rad.

Part of the glorious drawing Cam did for the show

I wanted to make the show as memorable as possible, so I figured we would break some standard rock concert form. To start off the show I said “How many of you have ever been out to a concert where there was a drum solo somewhere in the middle of the show? Well screw that! We are starting off the show with a Drum solo!” Then Ryan Flores blew peoples minds with his Drum Force. All the dudes in the band rocked. Cam with his glorious accordion and piano playing, Matt bassing up a goat renching storm, and Wayne with his always excellent guitar skills.Thanks dudes.

At one point during the show I saw a flood of chairs being moved out of the room over peoples heads so people could jump around and dance – which is a glorious image I will never forget.

Now that this milestone is out of the way now it is time to get my music out to the world and see if people dig it or want to try and turn it into toilet paper with some magical engineering feat….Musical Toilet Paper. Whoever does it please start with Nickelback before my music ;). Don’t sue me Nickleback.

Baileys - Proud winners of the Wesly Bass

Riding the Social Media Mommy

Dudes and dudesses – I come to you as a trusted music beast to bid you fair rock tidings of delight.  My first album is being manufactured at this very moment somewhere in West New Jersey! Now the work of finding people who connect with my music begins. In a lot of ways it is like putting my heart and soul out to the universe to be judged. Hopefully more people will pull it in and dig it than spit on it and think it blows. Whichever reaction “Wesly” induces, I am happy knowing that I created something that I put all of my energy  into and had a blast while doing it.

A huge part of finding new fans will of course be through the internet – Facebook, Myspace, Blogs, and other sites. I have already started to ride that train like a monk bot:

Spread the word! Peace be the Journey  … and yes that may be a quote from Cool Runnings.

Executive Producer? Your mom? Yes!

Well kids everything is getting really exciting! I just got sent most of the final designs for the CD, and it got me super stoked. It is getting more official and I just want to hurl all over someone I love for it.  This means sometime in the next week or so I’ll be ready have the CD’s made!

Another development that has happened in the past month is I have decided to take on an executive producer. Jared Sidwell is the man, and he will be forking over the dough to have the CD’s made.

Jared Sidwell - Looking like a bad mother at a party

We came to a cool agreement, which is not something that would normally fly with a big label. Jared pays to have the CD’s made, and I give his son guitar lessons for a year. I have been teaching his son already now for awhile and he rocks. It is fun to have Sid onboard! Look out for all kinds of news, because chank baste face it is coming!!!

Progress Shmogress: Rushing Art

“You can’t rush art -” is what I keep hearing in my head over and over again – The quote comes from Toy Story 2. Why I keep hearing it is a two fold booty: 1st booty fold – My first album when all is said and done is going to take a year longer than I wanted it to and the quote helps me feel a little better about it. Plus I know when I am finished I will be 99% happy with the final product, which is much better than sending music into the world that blows. 2nd booty fold – I recently saw the Toy Story 3D double feature with my wife for a date. Now that we have those out of the way on to the good news!! ….


All mixing and mastering is finished!! Anyone that has been working on something for a long time, whether art, a business, making babies, or whatever it is – will know what it is like to experience a positive end result/effect of the work. It was an exciting day! Now all the details of the album art need to be put together and I need to round up the funds to make all the CD’s and we are in business! After that look out for a release party! I plan on renting out a cool venue and having free food and stuff. Rock on amigos!

Les Paul Dies at 94

I had the amazing pleasure of sitting down next to Les Paul and talking with him just two months ago after one of his famed concerts at the Iridium Jazz Club in New York. While I was one of many standing in line to meet him, I am still astounded how welcoming he was. At 94, at 2am in the morning he was as courteous as anyone could ever be taking the time to ask me questions about my life. I feel very honored to have met him and be lucky enough to enjoy one of his shows.
When I heard the news of his passing today I was of course saddened, but not shocked because of his age. However I feel connected to him somehow. Out of pure chance last night I told my wife I wanted to put on the movie “Les Paul: Chasing Sound,” which I still hadn’t seen entirely. The more I learn about Les Paul I am in awe. This man changed music as we know it, and holy crap he was a phenomenal guitarist.
If you don’t know much about Les Paul I seriously recommend you read up.  If you are a musician buy Les Paul: Chasing Sound, and it will help you realize what we owe to Les Paul. I love how he called Monday nights at the Iridium the best therapy. I hope to be that cool if I make my 90’s.

I know you will keep rocking on the other side Les. We’ll try and make some good music over here in the meantime.

Meeting Les Paul In New York

Meeting Les Paul In New York

Band Names Blogging Extravaganza 2.0

For this second installment of The Band Names Blogging Extravaganza I thought I would dig down to my roots and see what people think of I band name from high school days. For your consideration I give you the name:

Swedish Apple Dogs

I rate it a 6 out of 10 for insanity and the ability to use a cool acronym-dealy   S.A.D.

Big updates on the first Wesly album coming soon chankers…